Lowe Luxury Events

Palácio Ateneu Comercial do Porto

Celebrations in the heart of Invicta

Ateneu Comercial, from its origins as a recreational society to the extravagances of a bourgeois club, with a strong tradition of balls, soirées, and gatherings, where it always had the presence of both old and new aristocracy, has never ceased to identify with Porto and its civic and cultural movements.

In the shelter of a magnificent Palace, it boasts a versatile grand hall, a library, a sitting room, game rooms, billiard halls, and a reading room, in addition to the D. Luís and Dr. Uva rooms. Its impressive architecture with gilded carvings, noble stone columns, and staircase constitutes a unique setting to inspire the dreams and desires of the most discerning audience.

Lowe Luxury Events, in its continuous search for unique spaces, now opens its doors with a structure designed for the venue, offering more than just a service but a history of over 120 years, reinvented for modern days, and promises to provide unique experiences for couples and guests who allow themselves to dream. True luxury transcends materiality and flaunts the simplicity of the intangible, which only time can bestow.