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Quinta da Pedra Salgada

For celebrations on the serene bank of the Douro River

Set on the bank of the Douro river, Quinta da Pedra Salgada is a sanctuary where time surrenders its natural beauty and history. Built on the 18th century, this venue was the stage of many stories and legacies, sheltering upper society people and testifying the evolution of the Douro region, known worldwide for its wine production and unique landscapes, classified as a World Heritage.

Located only 10 minutes away from Porto, Quinta da Pedra Salgada has a 220 meter-river-front view, within a 3,5ha area.

The manor house has a classic room, Visconde Balsemão, with a capacity for 70 people. On the down floor, there’s the main room that looks like a Wine House, called D. António “Prior Velho” with a capacity for 200 to 280 seated people.

Quinta da Pedra Salgada is a place full of history and culture of this region.